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*Michelle Thorne - Executive Pornstar Glamourlust *
Michelle Thorne brings her prize assets to Secretease in some of the hottest office
flirting practices so far.  Miss Thornes talents are known all over the corrrporate
world - but seeing her display them in pinstripe, short skirts, tight blouses, stockings,
suspenders, high heels and more causes some massive issues to be raised!  Such as
- how sexy can a secretary get?  200% is the answer.
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Secretease images and video.
*Michelle Thorne - Skin Tone Stocking Sextoy Seduction*

Pornstar Michelle Thorne shows what a sexecutive lounge is for in smooth skin-tine hold-ups, zip down
tight skirt, easy open blouse and hella sexy high heels. Big boobed sextoy seduction is her business and
Miss Thorne's sexecutive power means the return customers keep cumming over and over...
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*Michelle Thorne - Satin, Sextoy and Suspenders...*

Pornstar legend Michelle Thorne’s satin seduction in her sexecutive suite.  In a  boob hugging satin blouse,
tight satin skirt, skin tone stockings with suspenders and black polished high heels - Miss Thorne strips her
assets before showing what she loves to receive in her in & out box.....
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*Michelle Thorne - Sexecutive Pinstripe Debut*

Pornstar Michelle Thorne makes a spectacular Secretease debut!  Miss Thorne's a legend so you can be
certain she gives 100% to bring you executive ecstasy relief in the flirtplace. Pinstripe curves, stockings
with suspenders, tight skirt, high heels and more - Miss Thorne lets her fingers of fun do the hardwork...
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