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*Jasmine James - The Glambitious Regional Flirts Erector*
The stunning Jasmine James emplays her natural hard flirting ethic for Secretease.
Miss James gives 110% to her executive roleplay by showing her lust for stockings,
    short skirts, high heels, tight blouses and more.  Gorgeous in whatever she wears for
a hard day at flirt - Jasmine has a natural way of displaying her enhanced assets to
ensure a peak performance from all her colleague's regional areas...
*Jasmine James - Busty Secretary Miss James.  Hot ass-istant*

Gorgeous Jasmine James returns to her role as sexecutive secretary of pleasury in a stunning update!
Stunning in nude stockings, pinstripe skirt and boob hugging blouse - Miss James has never looked hotter
and gets to work using her office sextoy with 110% mo-tit-vation...
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*Busty Jasmine James - Stockings & Sextoy in the Sexecutive Lounge*

Time for another update of corrrporate hotness with gorgeous Jasmine James.  Dressed in a tight split
skirt, figure hugging pinstripe top, white blouse, shiny heels & more - Miss James mo-tit-vates for the
week ahead before bringing it to a hot climax.  Check out her horny resources on her page...
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*Jasmine James - Sheer Stocking Secretary Sextoy Fantasy*
Stunning Jasmine James gives a hot welcome in her sexecutive lounge.  Dressed in a tight business suit,
heels and lingerie - Miss James is soon showing her bustomer services to the max with her hot body of
work and voice of seduction before pouring on the pleasure and going all in with her office toy...
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